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The “Hospitable House of Grandma Maria” Museum celebrates its 10th anniversary

Video tour of the memorial House of Grandma Maria

The Museum of Village Life and History “Hospitable House of Grandma Maria” is designed to convert into a museum one of the last remaining pieces of the old-fashioned life in Khvoshchevatka village in the Ramon district of the Voronezh region: the memorial hut and the homestead of the early 20th-century where the Parfenovs peasant family, original inhabitants of the village, lived for more than a hundred years.

The main feature of the Hospitable House is that it is a family project run by the descendants of Grandma Maria, the main character of the museum. The team strives to introduce you to the authentic Russian way of life with its kind family traditions, generosity, hospitality, and, most importantly, to the world of Grandma. After all, Grandma welcomes everyone to the land of eternal carefree childhood, love, and kindness.

The museum offers interactive programs Fetching Water, Collecting Firewood, and others, under the common title “The Life of a Village Homestead”. For children, the programs Once Upon a Time and Patty Cake with Grandma are available.

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Exhibition opens in 1271 day
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