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The Association of Private Museums of Prikamye Region, a partner of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia, with the support of the Perm City Duma, is holding a round table “The Role of Private Museums in the Preservation of Perm’s History” within the VII City History Forum

on December 7, 2022
A.S. Pushkin City Library,
2nd floor, Great Hall

We invite public authorities, representatives of the museum community, historians and regional ethnographers, tourist organizations and guides to the roundtable.

The programme will include presentations from private museums as well as discussions on the preservation of collections in private collections.

Preliminary programme of the round table:

Presentations ( speech time limit is 10 minutes):

1. “On the museum network of the Perm region”. – Natalia Sabash, methodologist of the Scientific-Methodical Department of the Perm Museum of Local Lore.

2. “The Current Condition of Private Museums and Collections in Prikamye Region. Preservation of the City’s History under Threat?”. – Sergey Filatov, chairman of the Association of Private Museums of Prikamye Region and founder of the Museum of Perm Postcard History.

3. “System of interaction between a private museum or collector and state structures” – Albina Andronova, co-founder of the Kirovsky District Exhibition Hall.

4. “Private Museum – Educational and Tourist Center” – Olga Gulyaeva, founder of the People’s Museum of Good (Dobryanka).

5. “Museum of Soviet Life as a Point of Attraction for Tourists in Rabochy Village” – Nina Kostareva, founder of the museum.

6. “Puppet Perm” – Olga Bogdanova, director of the Perm Puppet Museum.

7. “Porcelain Reserve: possibilities and prospects of developing the collection” – Alexander Borshchuk, collector.

8. “The Importance of the Lace Museum Exposition in the History of Perm” – Tatiana Chashchina, founder of the Museum of Lace and Textiles.

9. “Preservation of historical heritage of the region in the culture of modern souvenir products”. Ideas from Pelageya” – Olga Popova, founder of Pelageya Museum of Textile Dolls (the museum’s souvenir products made it to the finals of the national contest “Tourist Souvenir 2022”).

10. “Museum-apartment of the artist M.M. Potapov in Solikamsk” – Sergey Lapin, director of the museum (Solikamsk).

11. “Museum as a Place for Patriotic Education of the Younger Generation” – Denis Dumler, Director of the Private Museum of the History of Trade.

12. Opinion exchange.

Organizing Committee: Association of Private Museums of Prikamye Region, tel. +7 (992) 2156-13-22, e-mail:

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