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Stylish Lettering with Anna Rolskaya

The Books Pavilion № 516 (VDNKh, Moscow) invites you to the presentation of the book “Stylish Lettering with Anna Rolskaya”, which will take place on December 1, 2018.

Lettering is more than just calligraphy. Writing fancy letters is not enough, your writing should reflect your inner state and convey your message effectively.

Anna Rolskaya is a renowned calligraphy and lettering artist, who also runs the popular YouTube channel @lettering_pt. Anna lives in Portugal and teachers beautiful handwriting to artists from across the globe: she holds workshops in Porto, Lisbon, Madrid, Singapore, St Petersburg, and Moscow. Her online courses have seen almost 2,000 attendees this year alone.

To celebrate the publication of her newest book, Anna is coming to Moscow to meet with the readers and share everything you want to know about lettering. How to see your inner self behind the letters? How to find your own style, and where to get support? What lettering styles are in demand, and how to find customers? Do you need your own brand as an artist? Lettering will go extinct in three years time: myth or reality?

Anna will give a lecture with a presentation covering the above-mentioned topics. At the end of the meeting, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions, as well as purchase and sign your copy of the book.

Stylish Lettering with Anna RolskayaStylish Lettering with Anna Rolskaya
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