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Representative of Association of Shandong Province Enterprises Zhao Weixing visited Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy

Mr. Zhao Weixing, the representative of the Association of Shandong Province Enterprises, visited the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy on July 29, 2019. Mr. Zhao also holds the position of General Secretary of the Chinese-Russian Union of Enterprises.

Mr. Zhao was happy to see a permanent exhibition for the traditional in China calligraphy and Chinese painting in Moscow. Besides Chinese exhibits, he was particularly interested to see the artworks by Russian and international calligraphers who develop their own original artistic movements and images.

The guest from China emphasized favourable location of the museum in one of the oldest Moscow parks, surrounded by picturesque alleys. Combined with the adjacent exhibit halls, it can become a great venue to host diverse events contributing to the development of relationships between Russia and China. Mr. Zhao noted that Chinese companies and brands could potentially take part in such events.

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Exhibition opens in 190 days
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