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“Reactor” Museum of Entertaining Science

The idea to create a museum came to the mind of several people, who saw a problem: in the city of Penza, with the exception of cinemas, cafes, and bowling, there are no other places to go to. At the time of discovery, no one had ever heard of edutainment (education through entertainment). However, the museum proved to be a popular place not only for schoolchildren, but also for family visits. Two years later, the activity was expanded in the chemical direction, which included chemical shows and masterclasses. Nowadays, in addition to excursions there is a “Mobile Exhibition” in the museum, which in a short time can be deployed to any place in the Penza Region and beyond; this makes the “Reactor” Museum available to everyone.

The “Reactor” Museum of Entertaining Sciences is the only scientific and technical museum in Penza. We need not only to watch and listen, but also to conduct real experiments: lock, blow up, set fire to and shout “Eureka”! Each of our guests (above the age of 6) can study the laws of physics, chemistry, and other sciences in action, get all the necessary information in the fields that interest them (including knowledge about the region’s innovative infrastructure), and use it in practice.

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Exhibition opens in 1382 days
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