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On the eve of Mr. Wang Xiao Hui's visit

On Sunday, June 2, the President of the Uzhou Publishing House, Mr. Chen Lu Jun, visited the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy to help prepare the museum for the visit of some high-ranking guests from China.

The occasion for the upcoming meeting with the guests, including a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Wang Xiao Hui, is the ceremonial finish of the Road of Friendship motorcycle race, which is due on Tuesday, June 4 in Sokolniki.

The motor race is celebrating the 70th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relationship between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation, and the involved motorcyclists can be named no less than real heroes. By the end of the race, their route will run for more than 9000 kilometres! The total of about 20 Russian and Chinese members take part in the race. As they go the motorcyclists take part in humanitarian events, parades, cultural and entertainment programmes, and visit the monuments of the Second World War. The purpose of the race is the development of tourist, cultural and humanitarian exchanges between the two countries, and the status of guests supporting the idea of the event, already indicates this goal will be achieved.

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