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On September 14, the team of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy were in Hong Kong, where they met with the famous Hong Kong calligraphy master Hua Ge

For many decades, Hua Ge has worked for the cinema, creating posters for numerous films, thus becoming himself a “star”, a personification of the famous Hong Kong cinema. All the renowned Hong Kong and Chinese film studios have eagerly commissioned him for over 30 years. Hua Ge’s name is known throughout Southeast Asia along with the names of many Hollywood stars.

However, despite all the fame the master himself remains a modest and very sociable person. Over the meeting with Mr. Hua Ge, Alexey Shaburov took the chance to speak about the work of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy and shared information about the new project, the Great Chinese Calligraphy and Painting: One Belt – One Road exhibition. Mr. Shaburov also invited master Hua Ge to visit Moscow, to which the calligrapher eagerly acceded. The master went as far as presenting the Russian guests with a memorable calligraphy work dedicated to the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre.

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Calligraphy is the art of deliberate hieroglyphic corruption and transformation in order to reach natural harmony.