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Museum Delegation Meets with Calligrapher Wang Zhicheng

During their visit to the city of Guangzhou, a delegation from the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy met with calligraphy artist Wang Zhicheng in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Wang Zhicheng owns a small art studio in the famous Wendelu Street in Guangzhou. There, for over than 30 years, he has been creating his extraordinary masterpieces. Wang Zhicheng was pleasantly surprised by the keen interest to Chinese calligraphy shown by people from faraway Russia and was excited to speak of his calling and the contemporary trends in calligraphy.

Director of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, Alexey Shaburov, talked in detail about the Museum’s activities and the upcoming exhibition “The Great Chinese Calligraphy and Painting: One Belt — One Road”.

Mr. Shaburov extended his invitation to Mr. Wang to hold a workshop at the Museum. Mr. Wang made a gift of one of his works to the Museum and expressed his readiness for further cooperation.

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