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Marat Basharov visited the Modern museum of calligraphy

On 14th of February, the Saint Valentine’s Day, Marat Basharov, famous theatre and film actor, talented film director visited the Museum accompanied by Ildar-hazrat Alyautdinov, general imam of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque.

On these days the rehearsals of musical and theatrical production «A talk with the soul. At the breaking point» are carried out at the «Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre». The premiere will take place on the 18th of February at the Crocus City Hall. The leading man as well as the director will be Marat Basharov.

The stage production will give an account of the current battleground in the Middle East. Therefore, a particular attention of the Museum’s visitors was paid to the Arabic calligraphy. Ildar-hazrat Alyautdinov gave explanations referring to the semantic content of ayats and suras from the Holy Quran that were traced out by the masters of calligraphy in a graceful artistic form. A creative and friendly atmosphere, classic background music in the Museum — all this contributed to philosophical meditations.

The honored guests were offered a tour of the museum and they got acquainted with the history of the creation of the most outstanding exemplars of the calligraphy’s art. The museum’s guests were amazed at the vast variety and the deep sense of the calligraphic works and they expressed their sincere admiration from the artistic concept.

At the end of his visit, Marat Basharov thanked the Museum and «Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre»’s employees for their warm reception, for the interesting story well told and he invited the employees to visit the play’s premiere.

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