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Lecture for the students of N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University in the Contemporary Museum of calligraphy

The students of the “Industrial design” department of the N.E. Bauman MSTU have spent the first day of the spring in an unusual lecture room, in the Contemporary Museum of calligraphy.

The history of the calligraphy is inseparably associated with the history the writing and the evolution of the scripts. In fact, when the text printing invented with the aid of a set of repetitive characters, the letters were already long ago worked out in their shapes. The letters have been furtherly developed under the point of the engraver but the frame of their shape was already established along many centuries of the handwritten traditions. With all that, the calligraphy remained an ideal and an influence.

In the age of technologies when the precision may be obtained by very simple methods and the neatness is on the border of the boredom, perhaps the calligraphy is losing its original being. Now the calligraphy can be created just for the pleasure and beauty and it can be self-sustainable even without having any practical use. Today the calligraphy is also a part of a graphical designer’ work, one of his tools and expressive means on equal terms with the moveable type and the image that take part in the creation of the corporate style, book or poster board.

Being guided with abovementioned, Petr Danilovich Protsenko, lecturer of the “Industrial design” department for the subjects of “Academic drawing” and “Academic painting”, has intentionally brought his students to the Museum of calligraphy in order that they could draw a real parallel between the printing type and the handwritten text, between the painting and the calligraphy. Moreover, the calligraphy is either a fine art and tool or an excellent school for a script designer, offering clear answers within the research of harmonious forms. The lecture was comfortably enlarged by the informative notes of ethnocultural nature. The students got acquainted with the Museum exhibition and they attentively listened the story about the specifics of any given culture. In the course of the lesson, the lecturer got new ideas referring to the further work with students. We look forward to a further fruitful cooperation with Petr Danilovich and the lecturers of the “Industrial design” department!

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Calligraphy — the written beauty of feelings.