Join National Handwriting Day

Every year on January 23 the National Handwriting Day is celebrated to remind us of how unique handwriting is, the need to practice and identity of any individual handwriting.

On this day people all over the world put their gadgets aside to write letters to their friends and family. Arguably, in the near future handwritten letter or card will become something to be desired.

Don't forget, a standard text message in one's phone may simply end up forgotten, lost or ignored, but a paper document written in your own specific handwriting will remain in loving memory!

We encourage you to support the tradition and write a fine letter to any of your family of friends with a special decorative signature, make a picture of it and upload to our community in Vkontakte.

The event runs between January 12 and 26. Free museum tours will be awarded to the most interesting and fine works.

Join National Handwriting Day Join National Handwriting Day
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