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Incoming of spring in the Сentre of speech pathology

On the eve of the International Women’s Day of the spring and beauty, the calligrapher Oksana Paponina and the Contemporary Museum of calligraphy held a fascinating master class for the creation of the greeting card with the occasion of the 8th March Day for the patients of the Centre of speech pathology and neurorehabilitation.

Despite a thick weather, everybody was of a spring and glad cheer. A Holiday atmosphere was in the air and it certainly influenced on the image of the block letters. Some of the master class participants already have the elementary skills of writing since they have previously worked in the architectural or constructions companies, in the design institutes. Their existent experience helped to supplement their writings with creative elements and pen strokes on their own discretion. The master class participants were involved into the creation process to the extent that they haven’t notice how the time slid past. Some letters of the “Old Russian rule” attracted a special interest of the public, for instance "Юс small", "Жж", "Рр", "Фф".

The closeness of Russian spiritual traditions and the script evokes a lively interest to calligraphy that preserves its actuality and continues to be an integral part of the cultural layer of our civilization. The lessons of calligraphy are of the same importance for the patients as the skills to walk, write and read for a little child. "All this has to be taught over again”, according to the physicians of the day patient facility. In this case, any fine motor skills, attention concentration, lively communication between the persons during the lessons as well as positive emotions are health exercises. They supplement the required treatment procedures and facilitate for the people their coming back to the social medium as well as positively influence on the rehabilitation process.

The team of the Contemporary Museum of calligraphy wish the Centre’s patients to get well soon!

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Calligraphy is a remedy and mental gymnastics.