In memory of Dmitry Trunov

One of the events within the VI International Exhibition of Calligraphy programme was Dmitry Trunov’s lecture “Ambigram: intellectual and aesthetic charm of the ambivalent inscriptions” which he read on September 7th. It was a fascinating discourse about the history of this unique calligraphy genre, its peculiarities and application.

Sadly, this lecture turned out to be Dmitry’s last public appearance: September 20th, he passed away after a long and grave illness.

Dr. Phil., creative art and biblio therapist and a researcher of Western European calligraphy, his departure is a big loss for the community. He was a knowledgeable, deep, and passionate scholar, and over the years of his studies he had accumulated a great deal of knowledge he was always eager to share.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to Dmitry’s family and friends and would like to share the video of the lecture he gave at the Exhibition.

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