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Guests from Russia visited one of top private museums in Hong Kong

A few days ago Sun Museum, one of the best private museums in Hong Kong, welcomed a delegation from Russia. The museum occupies the entire floor in a business centre in the very centre of Hong Kong. Sophisticated interior design and high quality of its exhibit places this unique facility on par with leading private museums globally. Sun Museum focuses on contemporary calligraphers and artists from Hong Kong, and strives to preserve the traditional Chinese art.

Talking to Alexey Shaburov, Director of the Museum Yeun Chun Tong stressed the importance of developing young artists, and mentioned his own efforts to support and develop young talents, along with the other maîtres in this domain. The museum offers an extensive programme of talks, workshops and topical exhibitions, designed to engage the wider public to the traditional Chinese culture and art.

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Exhibition opens in 154 days
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