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Fine handwriting

Practicing calligraphy improves focus, space perception, accuracy, stress resistance, and generally shapes many more assets in any age. It is no wonder that one of the best contemporary educational facilities – the Russian Classical School, which operates based on original methodologies and extensively addresses balanced personality development according to the natural conformity principles – focuses a lot on penmanship practice with elements of calligraphy.

This video will talk about the specifics of writing using ball pen, which inhibits your muscles, as opposed to writing with a nib to relieve this tension. It will also cover the key ideas of D. Ushinsky, demonstrating its practical application and positive impact on students. Practicing calligraphy will do more than creative expression and character training, but will also introduce writing styles of our ancestors to the students, serving as an entertaining form of sharing experience between generations.

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Exhibition opens in 53 days
Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is a remedy and mental gymnastics.