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Private museums expedition team visited “Muzyka I Vremya” museum in Yaroslavl

The museum named “Muzyka I Vremya” (Music and Time) was founded by John Mostoslavsky who devoted his entire life to collecting vintage and antiques. The collection started with a small bell that his parents gave to him as a present for his 9th birthday, and this bell initiated John’s collector journey. Over the course of his life Mostoslavsky has collected over 2000 bells and small bells, around 600 irons, 200 samovars, 200 clocks, and many other items. Subsequently he came up with the idea to display this collection, and on November 21, 1993, John Mostoslavsky opened the first private museum in contemporary Russia.

“Muzyka I Vremya” is a complex of three museums and an organ hall with 150 seats. The museums feature diverse collections of small bells and bells, musical instruments and various mechanisms. A small piano from France, a clavichord from England, a mechanical piano from Germany, a music box, and numerous harmoniums, all of them able to make sounds! The above is complemented with the music of gramophone and phonograph records featuring brilliant performers of the past era, such as Fyodor Chaliapin, Leonid Sobinov, Enrico Caruso, Aureliano Pertile. On top of that, the museum exhibits clocks, irons, and various household items.

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Exhibition opens in 194 days
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