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Expedition team visited Museum of Soviet Childhood in Sergiev Posad

The Museum of Soviet Childhood is a museum of toys and childhood symbols any Soviet kid will recognize: dolls, weeble wobbles, metal car models, pedal vehicles, slide films, and much more. Spouses Semen and Olesya Zhiltsov author the idea. “Five years ago our children asked us about the toys of our own childhood. Looking for them, we went through what we stored at home, and the nostalgia took us deeper and deeper: we looked through a postcard collection, played table games and recalled outdoor pastimes, such as Chinese garter, hopscotch, or cowboys and Indians. All of it stimulated us to create a collection of games, toys and other memorabilia that used to surround Soviet children.”

The Museum of Soviet Childhood aims to preserve the Soviet toys, study its background, manufacturers, and the impact they had on the upbringing process. The museum’s mission is to promote patriotism among the youth by demonstrating the toys made at national plants and factories.

The museum team offers individual and group tours, workshops and clubs. Interactive tours that let you inspect the exhibits with your own hands, will tell about your parents’ childhood, free from Internet, smartphones or social media.

The collection of the museum continues to expand through acquisitions or visitor donations.

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Exhibition opens in 194 days
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