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Contemporary museum of calligraphy — co-organizer of the "Private museums of Russia. Talents of Russia" exhibition.

Another, 872 birthday, by well-established tradition, the capital will celebrate widely and cheerfully. Preparation of various events and surprises for Moscow people and the guests of the city is well under way. But one event is needed to be noted particularly. An unprecedented event will be held on the 7-8 of September at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center: collections of over 100 of private museums of Russia will be presented at one site. One of the organizers as well as participant of the exhibition will be the private Contemporary museum of calligraphy- first and only museum in Russia, dedicated to the art of beautiful writing. The exposition of the museum includes unique pieces of writing, among the exhibits are world-known masterpieces, created by remarkable masters of calligraphy. Exquisite pieces of Slavic and European writing, subtle artworks of Jewish and Arabic schools of calligraphy, laconic forms of Japanese calligraphy, pieces of ancient Chinese scripts, demonstrating the history of occurrence of the calligraphy art and reflecting new dimensions of fine art; domestic and foreign books on calligraphy art; rare hand-written editions, released in isolated copies, writing tools of the past and present are exhibited at the museum.

"Private museums of Russia. Talents of Russia" will gather in one exhibition space over 100 of private museums from all over Russia for the first time in history. Such a constellation of totally unexpected proposals were not even seen by the sophisticated Moscow people!

It will be interesting for the guests of all ages and any occupation. Interactives and master-classes are planned in the exhibition program. Broaden your horizons, teach all those wishing to master with their own hands, introduce to folk culture, promote touristic interest to the reserved nooks of our motherland - this is not even close to the full list of goals of the upcoming event.

For the collectors this exhibition is a unique opportunity to get together to discuss actual issues of legislation, formulation of necessary documents, establishing links with tour operators, determining development perspectives of museums in our country.

"Private museums of Russia. Talents of Russia" exhibition is a social project. The event is completely free of charge as for the participants of the exhibition and all the guests.

The event is held with the official support of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

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Exhibition opens in 222 days
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