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Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy admits World Cup guests and fans

We are so happy to see football enthusiasts taking out a time to discover the cultural side of Moscow – fans from Argentina, USA, Senegal and Saudi Arabia have attended the museum of calligraphy to pay tribute to the calligraphy works and its unique exhibit. Every guest has found something meaningful for them: while Argentinean guests were looking into the history of Cyrillic, “Samail: Al-Anbya (The Prophets), 21:87” by a calligraphy artist from Kazan caught the interest of Saudi, guests from Senegal were amazed by the works of Yury Koverdyaev, that are displayed in the Museum. In memory of visiting Russia Yury wrote all their names in Copperplate.

As important games are ahead, we wish you all enjoy these vivid and exciting events, and welcome you in the only Russian calligraphy museum!

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Exhibition opens in 564 days
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Calligraphy — the written beauty of feelings.