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Calligraphy workshop at the opening ceremony of the sports season at the ice rink “Our Orekhovo”

The calligraphy workshop “First Attempt” by the Yury Arutsev Original School “Russian Calligraphy and Ligature” from Yaroslavl will take place as part of the celebrations for the beginning of the new winter season at the ice rink “Our Orekovo” in Orekovo, Spassky district, Ryazan region.

Participants could learn the secrets of developing beautiful handwriting, letters anatomy, and special exercises for improving finger mobility, and then practice new skills: fill a shape with basic calligraphy elements and create a New Year’s card.

Yury Arutsev Original Calligraphy SchoolYury Arutsev Original Calligraphy School
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Exhibition opens in 1420 days
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Calligraphy is the flower of a man′ s soul.