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Calligraphy lessons at the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection Exhibition

On 27th of February in the framework of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection Exhibition held at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Yana Myshekop, calligraphy artist and decoration designer, gave a trial lesson of calligraphy.

The Exhibition’s visitors and participants were offered the opportunity to get acquainted with unique calligraphy art pieces created by the masters from all over the world as well as to try drawing with a pointed and а flat pen. Alongside with drawing with a calligraphical pen one can try to create the Company’s logo with a Parallel Pen. The calligraphy artist shared with great pleasure the ideas to perform logos as well as the original compositional solutions with all who wished to try it. She demonstrated various types of fine flourishes.

Most of the master class participants were interested in the issues of the calligraphy’s utility for the self-development and the fate of the calligraphy in the modern digital world in general terms. An animated discussion went on simultaneously with pen testing, attracting the glances of the exhibitors passing away. Every master class participant has taken for a keepsake a beautiful inscription with the Company’s logo, a cheerful mind and positive emotions.

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Exhibition opens in 632 days
Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is a kind of music not for the ears, but for the eyes.
(V. Lazursky)