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Bryansk Regional Photo Festival “Kindness Reports”

The Bryansk Regional Photo Festival “Kindness Reports” (the Photo Festival) organized by the Bryansk Photo History Museum, together with the Bryansk branch of the Russian Union of Art Photographers, will take place from June 1 to September 17, 2022, inclusive, followed by an exhibition of the finalists’ works.

The Photo Festival has two main parts:

– the photo contest “Kindness Reports”;

– a series of cultural and educational lectures by the Bryansk Photo History Museum on Photo History – Russia’s significant contribution to world photography, including a demonstration of early photographic processes.

The main goal of the Photo Festival is to create photographs that will artistically embody topics such as “Man of Kindness”, “Society of Kindness”, “Place of Kindness” (for details, see the regulations of the photo contest

The aims of the contest are to involve ordinary people, including the younger generation, in the creative process; to draw their attention to the diversity of the beauty in the world; to reduce emotional tension in the society; to inspire local residents to develop proactive attitude in life and participate in public life; to promote photography as an art form.

During the Photo Festival workshops of photographers – members of the Russian Union of Art Photographers, various meetings, lectures, discussions and portfolio reviews are scheduled to take place in the parks of Bryansk.

The Photo Festival will end with an exhibition of the finalists of the photo contest, and an award ceremony where the winners will receive valuable prizes.

We believe that this project will help to popularize photography among residents and guests of the Bryansk region.

Bryansk Regional Photo Festival “Kindness Reports”
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Exhibition opens in 1115 days
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