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Alexey Shaburov met with Chairman of legal company DHH, China

On February 8, 2019, Alexey Shaburov, Director of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy and founder of Peresvet legal company, held a business meeting with Luan Shaohu, Chairman of the Chinese legal company DHH, and Luo Lei, a renowned Chinese calligrapher.

DHH is one of the leading legal service companies in the People's Republic of China, holding the fifth position in the country of 1.5 billion people. Its history dates back to 1993, and since then the company has grown to a global level with offices in such major cities as Beijing, Seoul, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Shanghai, Berlin, Washington, and more.

At the meeting the parties discussed future business partnership between the two large legal companies from China and Russia, with cultural development, and the position of calligraphy in the modern world in particular, serving as an encounter for it.

Mr. Shaohu is a big fan of calligraphy and supports many exhibitions, which open in the company's offices and in some signature venues all over the globe. One of these exhibitions, which opened in LENEXPO on the same night, was designed to celebrate the anniversary of the Chinese Cultural Centre in Saint Petersburg. As the members of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy team were invited to attend, they returned the favour inviting Mr. Shaohu to the Great Chinese Calligraphy and Painting exhibition in Moscow, which he was happy to accept and also provide one of his own works that reads a well-known motto of the Chinese legal professionals: “The stronger the lawyers, the stronger the country.”

At 5:30 PM the exhibition to celebrate the anniversary of the Chinese Cultural Centre was opened to present the works by contemporary Chinese calligraphers, dating back to 1930. The event was organized by the Saint Petersburg office of DHH (Beijing) under the auspices of the Moscow Centre of Legal Cultural Exchange “Goluboe More”. Besides calligraphy, the exhibits included Chinese household items, weapons, pictures, oil paintings, utensils and much more. Planned workshops just added some more buzz to the event.

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