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Alexey Shaburov Meets a Belorussian Calligrapher

During the meeting, Alexey Shaburov, General Manger of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy and Pavel Semchenko, a professional calligrapher from Belarus discussed such important matters as the design of the future exhibition, exhibit representation, and other organizational details. Pavel Semchenko told Alexey Shaburov about his eventful life filled with calligraphic self-improvement. His manifold personality symbolizes the true wisdom of the art of beautiful handwriting.

«The simple reaches after the complicated; the complicated reaches after the simple. One has to take it or leave it. Let us start with the simple — the letter», these words of Pavel Semchenko prove that calligraphy is not an art but a tradition, without which the spiritual and cultural heritage of many generations would have been forgotten".

The meeting was significant for the future exhibition in St Petersburg and the project in general.

Alexey Shaburov Meets a Belorussian Calligrapher

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