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Terem-Quartet Musical Band

Terem-Quartet Musical Band

Terem-Quartet Musical Band. The Terem-Quartet is a unique group which has improved the performance of traditional Russian folk music and which now has national endowment. The group does not belong to any of the existing musical trends or genres. Musical experts call it a 'terem-style', which has added fresh sound and new aesthetics to traditional genres.

Over 20 years ago the Terem-Quartet opened up traditional ideas of professional musicians and common listeners about the performing abilities of folk instruments. However, the exotic 'flavour' of Russian folk music is not the key ingredient in what the Terem-Quartet does. They are not traditional 'folk musicians'. First, the very structure of the band: two domras, an accordion and bass balalaika, make the 'folk company' a true acoustic band. Second, their sound and manner of performance are very special. They play with the energy and passion of an English rock-band and have little in common with a trivial folk instrument company.

The Terem-Quartet has gained a number of Russian and international awards and took part in a number of theatre performances and film projects. Over 20 years, the musicians have given 2000 concerts, wrote over 200 original musical pieces, performed in 55 countries, and released 15 records.

Terem-Quartet Musical Band. The band performed at the presentation of the International Calligraphic Exhibition and entertained participants and guests.

The band accepted the offer to support MVK’s social project and is preparing a surprise for the audience during the exhibition on September 16th-21st, 2008 in St. Petersburg.

Today the Terem-Quartet represents Russia in the world. Almost all the world concert halls have risen in applause to them. Pope John Paul II, Mother Theresa and Prince Charles greeted them. The Terem-Quartet played before the leaders of the G8 at the summit 2006 in St. Petersburg. There is a fan-club of the contrabassist Mikhail Dzyudze in America. On the eve of St. Petersburg’s 300th anniversary, English director Robert Stern shot the film Globe Walker St. Petersburg Special (ordered by the Japanese TV channel NHK) with Andrei Konstantinov the Terem-Quartet starring as a cultural symbol of the city.

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