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Project “Culture of writing” (

They say fine dress helps to impress…One’s speech is nothing but the “dress” of one’s thoughts. The culture of oral speech and writing are inseparable parts of a businessman’s image and criterion of professional success in any area of activity. The unofficial and non-profit project “Culture of writing” ( was launched to popularize the Russian language. Its target is to help people master the standards of contemporary Russian and skills of speaking, writing and text editing.

The project is aimed at everyone who is not indifferent to the Russian language: from businessmen to schoolchildren. Come and see that Russian is not boring!

Project “Culture of writing” (

“That fuss the Russian media made about four dictionaries, which the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation suggested on the 1st of September, 2009, as a “model” and the linguistic standards marked in those dictionaries, seems to soon become the highest wave.”

Many renowned linguists have to participate in the discussion of these “problems” that worry the community almost without taking a breath. Everyone wants to know one particular thing: why is “coffee” now a neuter noun, why does the word “yogurt” have the second syllable stressed and how are we supposed to pronounce those who are getting married: mArried or mErried.

A typical situation: the experts are being captiously questioned, but no one seems to listen to their explanations. The show genre: “People want to know” was changed long ago into: “I want to say” as audience and readers are willing to express their opinion instead of discussing someone else’s point of view.
We do not aim to draw the line under the prolonged discussion: hot news tends to get cold fast. So, the linguistic disputes will be changed into a different discussion of some other news like a flagrant divorce or the introduction of custom duty for some kind of squishblooptors… Anyway, we will try to clearly state the case for the situation in the articles published on the website

“Getting MArried Vs. Getting MErried” (rus.– spelling issue)
“Getting MErried: A National Problem”

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