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The International Exhibition of Calligraphy to blow the mind of Veliky Novgorod

Renowned masters of lettering from all over the world will be summoned to Veliky Novgorod during the work of the 3rd International Exhibition of Calligraphy from September 10-12 featuring exhibits from forty countries, including: calligraphic paintings, pieces of applied calligraphy, writing utensils and materials, unique masterpieces (a Golden Koran, the Decalogue, the Sacred Mantra, a World Famous Mezuzah, etc.) comprising the core of the Sacred Calligraphy Collection.

The International Exhibition of Calligraphy is the biggest project in the world dedicated to the art of beautiful handwriting and its culture. The project has been implemented under the auspices of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO since 2009.

The first Russian exhibition of calligraphy was held in St. Petersburg in September 2008, the second one in Moscow from October–November 2009. According to during the year, the number of visitors has doubled and amounted to thirty thousand.

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Exhibition opens in 1420 days
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