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St. Petersburg: Art of Handwriting

The International Exhibition of Calligraphy which will take place from September 16th-21st in St. Petersburg is dedicated to the ancient art of calligraphy which has long been abandoned.

During one week at Repin St. Petersbourg State Academic Institution of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture all comers will be able to study the works of calligraphers from all over the world, the unique art works of masters who have devoted their lives to the art of handwriting. The exposition will contain the historic handwritten manuscripts of various epochs. There will be held master classes and cognitive lectures with practical lessons of calligraphy for the adults and children.

Exhibition hours: September 16-21. Venue: 17 University Embankment, St. Petersburg.

Source: Internet-portal

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Exhibition opens in 1416 days
Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is the art of both ideal writing and an ideal soul.