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MVK New Project: International exhibition of Calligraphy

Moscow, February 14 – RIA Novosti. Presentation of a new MVK project, International exhibition of Calligraphy, will take place on February 15 at Sokolniki Exhibition Centre, informed the project initiator and MVK International Exhibition Company Director General Aleksey Shaburov.

“The purpose of the project is to turn the audience to art, restore writing culture, provide the opportunities for studying national script, introduce artists, students and creative people to the art of calligraphy and make a presentation of modern international calligraphic trends”, stated Aleksey Shaburov.

According to Shaburov, during the presentation which will start at 2 pm at pavilion 7 Sokolniki Exhibition Centre, will be screened a documentary “Calligraphy: the flower of human soul”, held a calligraphic master class and presented the project’s web-site.

He also stated that in the framework of the exhibition they plan to set up a Mobile Calligraphic Museum. Its exposition will contain unstudied samples of national script and historic scripts of various nations kept in Russian archives.

The exhibition will be started in autumn: on September 16-21, 2008 it will be held in St Petersburg, on October 3-6 in Rostov-on-Don and on November 18-21 in the State Duma of Russia in Moscow.

On the exhibition days the visitors will try their hand at calligraphic art and professionals will attend master classes of the world famous calligraphers.

Source: "RIA Novosti"

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