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Moscow will open first Contemporary museum of calligraphy in Russia

Moscow will open first in Russia Museum of art writing – Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, as ITAR-TASS announced in the organization committee of the future museum which is due to open on the territory of the cultural park Sokolniki.

"Such museums with constant expositions of calligraphic pieces exist all over the world, for instance, in Turkey, China, Japan, UAE while Russia has analogues", - said the interviewer.

Among the exponents will be patterns of Slavic and European writing, national and foreign books on calligraphy, rare patterns of hand-writing books issued in small circulations, writing instruments of past and present, pieces of Hebrew calligraphic school.

Over 80 beautifully designed works- paintings of calligraphers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, France, Israel, Syria, USA, Japan, China and many other countries lay the ground for the museum exposition. "They all are the living examples of art pieces, absorbing experience of generations of masters, and long-lasting writing traditions", -  pointed out organization committee.

Source: TV channel Russia  - Vesti-Moscow

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