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Calligraphy exhibition 2021 in Moscow: artworks from all across the globe and numerous performances

Approximately 400 artworks by contemporary European and Asian artists will be exhibited in the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy at an uncommon event scheduled for September 2021 in Moscow. If you look to appreciate the charming Oriental feel and enjoy Arabic calligraphy while in Moscow, it’s all too possible! Exclusive artworks by top calligraphy artists from 60 countries will be put on display at the 7th International Exhibition of Calligraphy in September 2021. To complement the masterpieces of world calligraphy, the event will feature free for all performances and workshops with exhibiting artists.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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Exhibition opens in 1382 days
Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is a kind of music not for the ears, but for the eyes.
(V. Lazursky)