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Yuri Shachnev

Yuri Shachnev

Yuri Shachnev

Murmansk, Russia

Calligraphy and graphic artist, teacher


Born in 1991 in Murmansk.

Yuri graduated from the Children Art School No. 2 in Murmansk, and the department of Art Education, Technology and Design in Murmansk State Humanitarian University in 2013, specializing as a teacher of art, and cultural studies as a secondary skill.

Since 2010 he has been taking part in regional and international exhibitions.

Since 2014 to date he has been occupying the position of teacher of history of arts in the Children Art School in Murmansk.

Since 2016 Shachnev has been giving calligraphy and lettering workshops and talks in Murmansk.

Professional achievements:

2010 – participant of “Zapolyarye” (The Arctic Circle) exhibition in Murmansk.

2011 – personal exhibition “Vopros Vremeni” (The Question of Time) in Murmansk.

2011 – participant of the youth festival “Dialog Kultur” (The Dialogue of Cultures) in Murmansk.

2012 – laureate of the youth exhibition “Tochka Rosy” (The Dew Point) in Murmansk.

2012 – participant of Zapolyarye (The Arctic Circle) exhibition in Murmansk.

2015 – personal exhibition “Slovotsvet” in Murmansk.

2016 – participant of the international exhibition “Illustraciencia – 4”, Barcelona, Spain.

Author works

"It is the witness still of excellency…" (a quote from W. Shakespeare)

Canvas, acryl, broad brush, 610×840 mm, 2017

"Life has the right…" (a quote by James Joyce)

Canvas, acryl, broad brush, 610×840 mm, 2017
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