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Svetlana Molodchenko

Svetlana Molodchenko

Svetlana Molodchenko

Moscow, Russia



Svetlana Molodchenko graduated from the Russian Technological University in 1994 and applied for a research degree, but a year later radically changed her line of career and embarked on a designing journey. She worked for Nauka publishing house, Rakurs advertising agency, and MIEL company. She also attended calligraphy classes in Evgeny Dobrovinsky's school.

A member of Les Nouveaux Freres de Limbourg, Molodchenko repeatedly exhibited at the Day of Slavonic Writing, and in the Calligraphy Ball of Dobrovinsky's school in Zverev's Centre. In October 2016 her artworks were presented at the international festival World Meeting Illuminators in Italy.

Author works

William Shakespeare. Sonnet No. 5. Those hours that with gentle work did frame…

Hot press paper, Italic script, Brause ½ mm broad nib, watercolours. Illuminated in watercolours, round brush and pointed nib. 255 x 400 mm, 2016.

Francesco Petrarca. On the Life of Madonna Laura. Sonetto No. 4

Hot press paper, Italic script, Brause ¾ mm broad nib, ink. Illuminated in watercolours, round brush, 260 x 350 mm, 2016

Capital “Ю”

Hot press paper. Illuminated in gold paint and watercolours, round brush. 143 x 103 mm, 2016
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