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Sabah Maghded Bapir

Sabah Maghded Bapir

Sabah Maghded Bapir

Doha, Qatar

Calligrapher, artist


Born in Arbil, Iraq in 1977. At the age of 14, Sabah met his first master Bijart Arbilli, a calligrapher. Bijart taught Sabah how to position the pen in a correct way, leading him to understand the geometrical form and beauty of each letter. In 1997, Sabah`s knowledge of calligraphy deepened after starting his engineering degree at the University of Saladin in Arbil, Iraq. He found the relationship between the principals of calligraphy and engineering, making him look at calligraphy in a more accurate perspective. After settling in the United Kingdom, Sabah Arbilli collaborated with various artists in the field of calligraphy, producing collaborated work, enabling communities to see the beauty of calligraphy along with the similarities and differences between the varying styles. Sabah also takes his work around the world, taking part in various international exhibitions and workshops.

Author works


Hand made paper, ink, acrylic, 70x40 cm, 2012

Peaceful gathering of the letters

Hand made paper, ink, acrylic, 40x70 cm, 2012

Universe of the letter

Hand made paper, ink, acrylic, 40x60 cm, 2012
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Exhibition opens in 1277 days
Words Of Wisdom
For the largest part ill handwriting in the world is caused by hurry.
(Lewis Carroll)