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Roza Huzina

Roza Huzina

Roza Huzina

Kazan, Russia

Designer, artist and teacher


In 2003 Roza entered the department of easel painting in Feshin Art School in Kazan to graduate as a painter and teacher, which she graduated from in 2008.

In 2009 she entered the department of Arts and Graphics in the Institute of Social and Pedagogical Technologies and Resources in Naberezhnye Chelny, and graduated from it as a teacher of art and drawing in 2012.

Since 2008 Khuzina has been working as a designer in printing industry, and as a fashion designer since 2015. She also teaches modelling to pre-school children to help develop fine motor skills.

Author works

Shamail: “Surah Al-Nahl” (The Bees), 16:49

Paper, gouache, brush, thuluth, 650×500 mm, 2017

Shamail: Surah “Al-Anbiyya” (The Prophets), 21:87

Paper, gouache, brush, thuluth, 650×500 mm, 2017
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