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Larisa Drunchenko

Larisa Drunchenko

Larisa Drunchenko

Saint Petersburg, Russia

2nd year graphic design student of the arts faculty at Saint-Petersburg State University


Larisa Drunchenko was born in 1996 in Saint Petersburg. She graduated with honours from Saint Petersburg Children Art School No. 2 and the Russian Gymnasium affiliated with the State Russian Museum. In 2015 she applied to the department of art in Saint Petersburg State University to specialize in graphic design. Drunchenko took part in The Slavonic Writing Day, the event that celebrated Cyril and Methodius day in Moscow.

Author works

Life is a Road

Watercolours, white ink, 500 x 700 mm, 2017

The Scythians

Tempera, gold acryl, red ink, 500×700 mm, 2017
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