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Hai Shan Borzhigin

Hai Shan Borzhigin

Hai Shan Borzhigin




Hai Shan Borzhigin was born in 1974 in the Inner Mongolia, China. Currently he is holding the positions of Professor in Hulunbuir University of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China, Deputy Director of the Institute of Mongolian Language and Literature, Secretary of the Local association of Mongolian calligraphy, and member of the International Association of Calligraphers in Canada.

Borzhigin took part in over 30 international, Chinese and regional exhibitions. His works can be found in private collections in Canada, Japan, Russia etc.

Author works

Fragment of a poem about life by D. Natsagdordzh

Scroll, ink, paper, 370 x 1290 mm, 2017
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Exhibition opens in 1408 days
Words Of Wisdom
When there are no words left, the meaning is still preserved.