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Guntur Darmawan

Guntur Darmawan

Guntur Darmawan

Jakarta, Indonesia

Calligrapher, internal Medicine Medical Doctor


- Born in Jakarta.

- Having a hobby in drawing since childhood and won numerous international and national children drawing competitions. Started learning Chinese calligraphy and painting in 2003

- Founder and teacher of Darma Art Children Drawing Course 2009-2012

- Formal education: Medical Doctor (graduated in August 2009); Internal Medicine Residency (graduated in August 2014)

Author works


Chinese rice paper, Chinese ink, 34x69 cm, 2014


Chinese rice paper, Chinese ink, 30.5x29 cm, 2014

The righteous man shall live by faith

Red Chinese rice paper with glitter, Chinese ink, Chinese character styles: cao shu, xing shu, 650 x225 mm, 2016

The Way, the Truth, and The Life

Chinese rice paper, Chinese ink, Chinese character style: cao shu, xing shu, 63 x 28 cm, 2016
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