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Alexander Golstein

Alexander Golstein

Alexander Golstein




Alexander Goldstein, sinologist and graduate of the Far Eastern Federal University, spent a long time living China, working as translator and manager. He is an expert in martial arts, a certified trainer of Changquan (the “external” style of martial arts) and Taijiquan (the “internal” style).

Currently Goldstein occupies the position of lecturer in the Open University of Israel, specializing in Chinese culture and traditions, and authors translations and comments to some ancient writings, including Tao-Te Ching by Lao-tzu, The Paradoxes of Chan Buddhism Masters, The Illustrated Canon of Chen Family Taijiquan, and many more.

Author works

The Chinese Character for Teapot

Black ink. 40 х 60 cm.

Dust to Dust

The famously known verse of Zen monk Feng Gan (7th century CE):
"Originally, there is not a thing;
Much less any dust to flick off.
Once you can comprehend this,
You needn’t sit still any longer."

White ink on the black background, 900 x 600 mm, 2017


Color ink on the greenish background, 600 x 400 mm, 2017


Black ink on the light background, 900 x 600 mm, 2017
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