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Garance Dominique Simond

Garance Dominique Simond

Garance Dominique Simond


Artist, calligrapher


Born in 1960 . Genealogy: large rear fresco painter father in sanctuaries in the mountains of Piedmont in Italy and a cartoonist poster. I've always written and drawn. After a long career in mental health care, I began to regain my passion for colour, movement, poetry and words. I started learning more at an internship with Keith Adams calligrapher illuminator in 1994 and then went on a 3-year training course in Tours where I obtained a certificate in 2000. I met René de la Bardonnie the illuminator author of Genesis and a Dominican nun. I opened a shop in 2005 after several exhibitions, events, and I also do workshops and courses as well as work to order.


- Big casino circle Aix les Bains France 2007

- Kaméléon Paris Area.

- Chateau de Fontbonne Evian baths.

- Diderot Langres chapel, Chapel Vaugelas Chambery Priory Sevrier Annecy

- Art Exchange LA PAZ state of South California and Mexico Museum Loreto.2013

- France Chambery Asia 2014

- Carzou Foundation Manosque July 2014

Author works


Parchment, gouache, 100x140cm , 2010

My homeland

Canvas, acrylic, Indian ink, golden leaf, 60х93cm , 2014

Woman in life

Paper, acryl, pastel, 570 x 760 mm, 2017

Sacred Life

Paper, acryl, ink, gouache, collage. 465 x 675 mm, 2017

Vis au

Black Fabriano paper, gouache, gold leaf, 500 x 700 mm, 2017

Vivre a terre

Paper, acryl, ink, gold leaf, 525 x 690 mm, 2017


Paper, ink, gold leaf, 570 x 760 mm, 2017
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