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Gabriela Hess

Gabriela Hess

Gabriela Hess


Trained graphic artist, calligrapher


Gabriela Hess, a trained graphic artist, has been teaching Calligraphy in Switzerland and abroad for over ten years. She has attended numerous seminars on classical and modern calligraphy, seeking from the outset to develop her powers of expression, studying the movement and the shape of handwriting in depth, and can be said to be a calligrapher to her very soul. This passion allows her to create original compositions of great elegance, in which each word, each sentence; each sign used in the ambit of art and communication is rendered unique. Gabriela has taken part in individual and group exhibitions in Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Spain, and her works have been published in diverse books and periodicals. She works in her studio, a loft in a disused factory in Lugano. Gabriela is an active member of the Swiss and Italian Associations of Calligraphy and the Ticino Calligraphy group. In 2017 Gabriela Hess published her book “Into Gesture” with Introduction by Ewan Clayton:

Gabriela admits in her preface to ‘an inclination of the mind towards tranquillity’. I experienced that as I turned these pages. It does not mean that the marks are without passion or drama but rather that amidst these things a sense of wonder is never absent – no cynicism or irony here, but a lived experience that has a clarity to it and a sense of receiving something. I experienced the work as an invitation towards simply ‘being’. And that was why this book leaves me with a smile – even amidst tears; it is quite simply a beautiful book. We all need beauty… turn these pages, breathe it in.

Author works

Om - the arrow and the target

405 х 745 mm.
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is the flower of a man′ s soul.