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Ferdinando Lembo (Ou An)

Ferdinando Lembo (Ou An)

Ferdinando Lembo (Ou An)

Minori (SA), Italy

Calligrapher, artist, designer, Professor of linguistics


- Born on July 29, 1953 in Minori

- Licentiate with diploma at Liceo Classico Amalfi, 1972


- Faculty of Letters & Philosophy/ Linguistics and Foreign Languages, 1979

- Faculty of Letters & Philosophy/History of Arts and Aesthetics, 1982

Faculty of Letters & Philosophy/Latin Philology & Palæography, 1986

- Collaboration and articles in 4 university publications on ancient scripts and illumination (1978 > 1984)

- 25 personal and 12 collective painting/design exhibitions (1971 > 1993)

- Several collaborations and personal realizations for comics, fashion, theatre scenography

- 12 calligraphy exhibitions since 1995

Member of the London’s “Society of Scribes and Illuminators” since 2003,

- Taking part in the SSI’s LMD exhibition since 2004

GABBIANO–NOVA SCRIPTORIA calligraphic studio founded in 2007

Author works

If I were fire

Paper, silk, turkish quillis, metal nibs, gold leave, gesso, controlled fire, 30.1х40.1 cm, 2014

I cannot write anymore

Paper, silk, ink, flat brush, metal tips, gold leaf, watercolour crayons, 31.5х43.2 cm, 2014


Uncut Fabriano "Roma / Raphael" sand gray; uncit Amalfi handmade silk 75% cotton 35%, 140 g/sq.m; authentic paper late XIX century, to replicate Pucchini's original handwritten partitura; brause nibs and seagull quills; italica deep brown & bordeaux inks; self crafted inks; 23 kt gold leaf on synthetic size; 340×490 mm, 2017

Les Souvenirs

Uncut Fabriano Roma "gialletto" and "cenere"; uncit Amalfi handmade silk 70% 160 g/sq.m; brause 2 mm, waterman cut 0.7 mm fountain pen, swan quill; herbin's mixed burgundy/red/grey/avio; gold leaf 22 kt on synthetic size; french lace, '900, dyed with dark amber ink, 290×430 mm, 2017
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy — the written beauty of feelings.