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Yelena Bobkova

Yelena Bobkova

Yelena Bobkova

Moscow, Russia

Calligrapher, teacher of calligraphy


2004-2008 Bryansk Arts College. Master artist (wood painting)

2008-2009 Gzhel State Arts and Industry Institute (ceramic artist)

2009-2014 Moscow State University of Design and Technologies, artist-stylist, specialty in advertisement of light and textile industry.

- The ‘Step into the Future’ exhibition, 2010.

- The ‘Signs of the Russian Land’ exhibition, 2011.

- 2nd place in the ‘Perspektiva’ design project competition, 2012.

- The ‘Word Incarnated’ exhibition.

- A report on ‘The Relevance of the Cyrillic Alphabet’ at the conference dedicated to the Moscow day of designers, 2014.

- A publication in the magazine ‘Quality and Life’ in July 2014. The article under the title ‘The Relevance of the Cyrillic Alphabet in Modern Typography’, 2014.

- A triennial of graphic arts in St. Petersburg, 2014.

Author works

To the Fountain of Bakhchisaray Palace

Watercolor, ink, pointed pen, 43x61 cm, 2014.

Capital "A" from Pliny’s The Natural History, mid 15th century.

Paper, watercolour, titanium white, Finetec gold watercolour, 285 x 385 mm, 2017

Love Endures…

Hunt 101 pointed nib, Ecoline watercolour, Iridescent ink, Finetec watercolour, Torchon paper, polyment, gold leaf. Copperplate. 500 x 650 mm, 2017

By a Curved Sea-Shore…

Flat nib, Ecoline watercolour, Iridescent ink, Canson pastel paper. Uncial, Vyaz, Cursive. 600 x 800 mm, 2017
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