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Elena Alexeyeva

Elena Alexeyeva

Elena Alexeyeva

Нижний Новгород, Россия

Graphic designer, artist and calligraphy artist, co-founder of a calligraphy school in Nizhny Novgorod


Elena Alexeeva was born in 1976 in Bryansk, and currently resides in Nizhny Novgorod. She graduated from the department of architecture in Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and then worked as an in-house designer in an advertisement agency, followed by the position of art director. In 2010 she started to learn calligraphy independently, attended the courses in Petr Chobitko's From A to Z studio, Denis Braun's workshop and Svetlana Gorodnichenko's crash course. Four years later she opened the first school of calligraphy in Nizhny Novgorod. Her visual identity and writing style ranked first in the Top 100 of Russian Design twice. She participated in numerous graphic design and typography exhibitions, and won the international contest Contemporary Cyrillic 2014.

Author works

The Understanding

Pastel paper, gouache, ink, brushes, pointed nib, 340 x 550 mm, 2017.

The Culture

Pastel paper, watercolours, ink, brushes, pointed nib, 320 x 430 mm, 2017.

The Bouquet of Letters

Etching paper, watercolours, ink, brushes, pointed nib, 250 x 350 mm, 2017.
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For the largest part ill handwriting in the world is caused by hurry.
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