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Darina (Darvin) Muzagitova

Darina (Darvin) Muzagitova

Darina (Darvin) Muzagitova

Kazan, Russia

Graphic designer


Darina (Darvin) Muzagitova was born in 1989 in Kazan. In 2013 she graduated from Tupolev Kazan State Technical University, specializing in computer engines, systems, complexes and networks, and at the same very moment changed her line of work from system administration to graphic design. A year later she started to take interest in calligraphy, and attended courses in From A to Z calligraphy centre in Saint Petersburg.

Darina took part in LogoSpace (2016) and Zolotaya Blokha (2016), with her artworks published among the top logos of the latter.

Author works

A Bottle of Rum

Paper, ink, liners, gel pen, lettering, 6 hours, 297 x 418 mm, 2017

A Song of Gaunter O'Dimm

Wood, felt-tip pen, 300 x 125 mm, 2017

The Penguins

Paper, watercolours, lettering, 2 hours, 208 x 148 mm, 2016

Turn Your Dreams into Goals

Paper, watercolours, nib, ruling pen, lettering, 1 hour, 208 x 148 m, 2016.
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is a kind of music not for the ears, but for the eyes.
(V. Lazursky)