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Barbara Galińska

Barbara Galińska

Barbara Galińska

Warsaw, Poland

Calligrapher, calligraphy teacher, architect


She was born in 1957 in Warsaw in Poland. She has been working as an architect, cartoon animator, digital graphic designer, illustrator. Her adventure with calligraphy began in XI 2014.She works on parchment, bristol, handmade papers, walls, glass displays, textiles… using a pen with various nibs, brushes, felt-tip pens, acrylics and ink, including handmade walnut ink. The artist intends to reveal the different face of calligraphy which is wild and chaotic. In her works semantics appears to be an important as the aesthetic and visual value of a word. She aims to prove that a letter is perfect to have artistic fun with. She is a member of the Polish Calligraphy Society. She runs calligraphy workshops in Jozefow, Warsaw and in Scriptorium Villa Nova at the Museum of King John III's Palace at Wilanow.

Author works

The Tree of Life

The sharp nib and white ink on a black carton, 480 x 700 mm, 2017

The Alphabet

A handmade walnut ink, acrylic paints on parchment paper. Flat and sharp nibs and a brush, 480 x 700 mm, 2017

A Cat - A Mouse

A brush on a carton, 480 x 700 mm, 2017
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is a remedy and mental gymnastics.