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Ayrat Hismatullin

Ayrat Hismatullin

Ayrat Hismatullin

Ekaterinburg, Russia

Artist, calligrapher, designer


He was born in December 1989 in Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg). In 2005 he graduated from School №32 with a focus on the artistic and aesthetic. In 2013 he graduated from the Russian Islamic University in Ufa. An-Namir Calligraphy Centre in Kazan


- 5th International Exhibition Moscow Halal Expo 2014;

- ‘The Art of Calligraphy: from Ancient Times to the Present’ master-class, Museum named after Kayum Nasyri

- ‘The Secrets of the Sacred Book’ exhibition. A lecture, a master-class, the Ural State University

Author works



The Greatness of the Creator

Thick paper, ink, gel pens, cardboard, permanent marker, 29.7x42 cm, 2014.

The Beginning (Bismillah)

Thick paper, Chinese black ink, ink, gouache, cardboard, poster pens, thick straight brushes, 42x29.7, 2014.


Paper, Chinese ink, poster nib, cardboard, graphics. Contemporary calligraphy, sunbuli pastiche (hyacinth). 290×420 mm, 2017

Appeal to the Nib

Canvas on a stretcher, acryl, calligraphy oil felt-tip pen, synthetic flat brushes, mixed technique, mualla pastiche, 400×500 mm, 2017
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is the flower of a man′ s soul.