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Lavi (Arie) Zilberstein

Lavi (Arie) Zilberstein

Lavi (Arie) Zilberstein

Moscow, Russia

Sofer-copyist of sacred texts


In 1992 he received a certificate of a sofer from the ‘Mishmeret Stam’ Higher Collegium of Sofers of Israel.

In 1996 he became the first sofer in the Israel Defence Forces.

In 2006 - the chief sofer of the Russian Federation.

Author works

Birkat Ha’Bait

Parchment (calf skin), ink, gold, 29x39 cm, 2014.


Parchment, watercolour, ink, gold, 29.5х39.5 cm, 2014 Irina Kanevskaya, Co-author

Mi ke-ha-haham

Parchment (calf skin), watercolour , ink, 24x19 cm, 2014. Anna Voronina, Co-author
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