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Alena Staskova

Alena Staskova

Alena Staskova

St. Petersburg, Russia



In 2003 she got an award for creative achievements dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Centre of Extracurricular Activity in the Kalininsky district of St. Petersburg.

In 2009 she entered the St. Petersburg Artistic and Aesthetic Lyceum №190.

In 2013 she entered the St. Petersburg State University, the Faculty of Arts (Department of Graphic Design).


- The winner of the regional exhibition ‘Winter Fantasies’, St. Petersburg, Kalininsky district , 2008.

- Participated in the ‘Heart to Heart’ charity event and presented her artworks to the city’s hospitals, 2010.

- Participated in the charity exhibition of art objects ‘Elka’, 2013.

Author works


Usual paper, broad metal pen, black and golden ink, calligraphy brush, 45.3x59.2cm , 2014.


Usual paper, broad metal pen, coloured ink, tempera, brush, capillary pen, 39.5x50cm , 2014.
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