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Yuri Nozdrin

Yuri Nozdrin

Yuri Nozdrin

Moscow, Russia

Calligrapher, graphic artist, painter

Words about Calligraphy

To live and create in German is Leben und weben. The verb weben means “to weave”. Literarily, to create means to weave. A goose quill or a pen-point creates a line. A great man put it perfectly: “A line is a method of moving in space!” Line and Calligraphy are twin sisters. If you like these two sisters, if you managed to write two or three lines from Pushkin with a pen beautifully, then you are no goose and nobody will dare pluck you. You are willing to wipe the eye of the entire global printed products with the unique book of an artist. It is said, of course, strongly, illogically, thoughtlessly, offensively to someone but we want so much that they will notice a book artist, remember the existence of Book Art, which they had already started to forget in the 19th century. When a typographic steel hand appeared they started to forget the human hand. And they are about to forget the global printed book in the computer age.

Author works

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Paper, Chinese ink, pen, 27х47 cm
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is a remedy and mental gymnastics.